5 Quick Ways to Stretch Your Fuel Budget.

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1. Check Your Tire Pressure — Tires without enough air in them are harder to roll, meaning your engine has to work harder to push your car down the road. Keep your tires aired up and it will make a significant difference with your fuel mileage.

2. Slow Down — Fuel economy decreases exponentially as speed increases. That’s why driving at a speed of, say, 62 miles per hour will reduce fuel consumption by about 15 percent versus driving 75.

3. Tidy Up — Every extra pound your vehicle has to carry costs you at the pump. Check your trunk and back seat, and empty out anything you don’t absolutely need.

4. Shut Down — When your car is idling, you’re essentially getting zero miles per gallon. If you anticipate being stopped for more than a minute or so, it’s more economical to turn the engine off rather than allowing the car to idle.

5. Use the Cruise — As awesome and steady as your right foot is, it’s no match for your car’s onboard computer. Using your car’s cruise control allows you to maintain a steady, consistent speed that maximizes fuel economy.

The above was published February 1,2012 in Go Drive Magazine