Are You a Severe Driver?

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 Surprisingly, the answer for many or even most Idaho drivers is yes.  Although normal driving is defined as steady driving in non-extreme weather or environments, for most motorists today, being a severe driver is more the rule than the exception, says the Car Care Council.

According to the Council, severe driving refers to:

stop-and-go traffic; short commutes; heavier loads: cargo, passenger or towing a trailer; rough or mountainous roads; dusty or salty environments; driving in extremely hot or cold weather. Sound familiar? 

“According to definition, most driving is going to be considered ‘severe.’ ”  says Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council.

The Council recommends that motorists take actions to reduce the effects of severe driving, such as:

  • Follow the “severe” service schedule in your owner’s manual.
  • Check fluids, including oil, and filters more frequently.
  • Have certain components such as brakes and shocks inspected more regularly.