Auto Maintenance Basics: Motor Oil and Filter

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 Motor oil helps keeps your engine parts lubricated. The more automotive technology advances, the more engines rely on clean motor oil to keep everything moving the way it should despite the increasing velocity, pressure and friction. But, it can’t work alone.

 The next time you sip a cup of coffee, look at the mug. An oil filter is usually around the same size and is responsible for a lot more. (That’s a big statement coming from a coffee addict like myself.) The oil filter acts like the gatekeeper, keeping debris particles from making their way into the engine oil. If the oil filter becomes clogged or stops working effectively, impurities can work their way into your engine’s oil, resulting in low oil pressure and expensive repairs.

 Where, what and how you drive all affects how often your oil and filter need to be changed. Defer to your owners manual  for the recommended oil change interval that’s right for your ride.

 The above was written by Lauren Henderson and was published by GoDrive magazine Winter 2015