Einstein’s Customer Quotables

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“Hands down the best oil change experience I have had. The employees were professional, friendly and informative. I typically get my oil changed at Toyota but today I realized this was a better overall experience. The manager Tony took the time to come out to my car to explain how the settings for my tire pressure, oil change and overall maintenance work (something I was oblivious to when I was getting my oil changed at Toyota). The employee Sam was friendly and only suggested things I might need in the future but never pushed me to buy anything I didn’t need. When I pulled up another employee started washing my windshield (it was very dirty after a 13 hour drive). I told him that he didn’t need to wash it but he instead it was spotless. Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I highly recommend! Thank you all for the great service!!!!” -Jordann H. via Yelp 5/7/20