Einstein's Customer Quotables

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 “I was at your Overland location yesterday and just wanted to say a few things about the experience.  One, I had never been there before and the staff was very friendly.  I am sure they were thinking what have we gotten ourselves into becuase I was rather cranky when I pulled up.  My car was making a squeaking noise and it was about ready to push me over the edge.  Tony gave me a suggestion on what could possibly be making the noise.  He even went out of his way to check to see if it was the issue he thought.  When I was pulling away, noise still present, he stopped me and told me exactly where the noise was coming from and what the cause of it was.  I was very impressed with him.  In my opinion, he went above and beyond for a cranky lady who was not really in any mood to be friendly.  His positive attitude actually helped change my negative one. 
Thank you,
Tobi Johnson
Boise, ID”