Einstein's Customer Quotables

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“Was a lot of fun: They are dressed up very formally, it reminded me of the old barbershops you see in movies. They yell out everything they are doing to each other in a fun way. They commented on our oil filter, “Oil filter, LOOKS OLD AND RUSTY!” My wife and I know its an old car, and we have a sense of humor, so we had a good laugh. As long as you aren’t uptight you will have an enjoyable experience apart from every other mechanic or lube place which to me is usually synonymous with fear and a sense of shadiness.

 Great Service: You get to sit in your car and while you wait they have a variety of soft drinks, new papers, and even a kindle for you to use while you wait, free of charge! They have cameras set up so you can watch everything they are doing when you are actually getting serviced, and TV’s set up as well with local channels for you to watch as well. They didn’t push anything on you nearly as much as other places do, just let you know their recommendations and left it at that. Its worth the couple extra dollars you will spend in my opinion.”

-Rick (Google review)-