Einstein's Customer Quotables

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The following comes from the blog of Jon Wardle of Boise    (www.wardlegroup.com)

“I’m always looking for customer service experiences.  Recently, we needed to get an oil change.  We drove over to Einstein’s Oilery on Overland Road.  An oil change is an oil change.  Right?  When I pulled in, they handed me a newspaper, and told me I could stay in the car.  I noticed they had a couple of TV monitors (one was broadcasting their work, and the other had FOX TV on).  Then they brought me a soda.  Throughout the oil change, they kept telling me what was going on, and had me out very quickly.

It is interesting that Einstein’s Oilery has taken an industry that isn’t very flashy, and made the experience about the customer.  I’m a fan!

What extraordinary experiences have you had in ordinary places?”