Einstein's Customer Quotables

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“I had reviewed this business a couple of days ago (a not so good review….) and was immediately contacted by the owner via email.  He lives in Meridian (which I did not realize….I thought they were a bigger corporation, NOT a local, family-owned business)….so we got together for coffee yesterday (and ended up talking for 3 hours).

Bottom line:  This is a local company trying to make it in a VERY tough economy and a very competitive business.  I believe they are really, REALLY trying to do the right thing, be honest and fair with folks and operate their business with integrity.  Plus, the owner is just a heck of a nice guy and the employees there are (as I said before) skilled, nice, courteous, friendly, cute, etc. etc.

I realize having a small business is a “work in progress” and THIS company definitely listens to it’s customers (and values them).  Give them a try if you haven’t already…. and know that you are dealing with a small Idaho business that is trying to make it against some cut-throat competition (my family was in this business when I was growing up). They will work hard to make sure your experience at Einsteins Oilery is a great one and you will not be disappointed.”

-Amy via Yelp-