Einstein's Customer Quotables

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“The other day I had a grinding noise coming out of my power steering system on my 2004 Ford Escape. I stopped into a local filling station, bought some fluid and put it right in – yet it did not solve the problem.

 So I went to Einstein’s to see what it would take to flush the system and see if that resolved it. As I watched Raphael I learned so quickly that I had in fact put the power steering fluid in the “brake fluid” reservoir! 

  He said that the power steering fluid did need attention and he took care of that problem. now the squeal is gone and I am happy as could be. But he didn’t stop there!

 Raphael gave me some advice on how to bleed the brakes and clear that system. He told me I needed DOT 3 brake fluid and where I could pick it up. 

 Raphael is an exceptional service tech. You have a helluva find there; I know you’ll work hard to retain this very talented young man!”

-George S.via Yelp-