Einstein's Customer Quotables

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“Einstein’s Oilery doesn’t have waiting rooms. Their customers don’t have to leave their comfortable cars for a stinky waiting room with uncomfortable chairs and loud TV. They will bring you an iPad or newspaper and a drink while you wait. Cool, huh? Then, when the people in the pit below your car are talking to the ones on ground level, they yell out to each other and it sometimes sounds like a drill team yelling off their commands. It’s fun. My daughter liked it so much she won’t let me go without her! I went to them once to get an oil change and didn’t care very much where I got my oil changed prior to that. Now, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else! They are conscientious and respectful and they really, sincerely care about their customers. I’ve been treated like their most important customer every time I’ve come in! Once, I was heading out of town and wanted to get my fluids topped off. They checked them, topped of the windshield wash and even though I wasn’t having my oil changed yet, they didn’t charge me. They also have inflated a tire once for free. It’s like visiting friends.”

-Marit W. via Google reviews