Einstein's Customer Quotables

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 “You can tell the guys here are working hard to go above and beyond the normal oil change experience. I pulled up to wait in line and a guy ran out to my car to hand me a newspaper and ask me what kind of drink I wanted (coke products, coffee, water). The whole time I was in line I saw all the different employees exhibiting energy and cheerfulness as they worked, making even something as prosaic as an oil change feel more fun. (It’s amazing how a good attitude is contagious!) Someone washed my windshield while I was waiting, too, which hasn’t happened to me before at other places. My oil change was fast and they also checked my fluids and the air in my tires. I also appreciated the fact that the oil nozzles were clearly labeled and in plain sight so that there wasn’t any doubt that when I asked for high mileage oil, I was actually getting it. Thanks, Tony, Joseph, and all others for a pleasurable experience today.”

-Rebekah S. via Google reviews