Help Your Engine Breathe Easy

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 For every gallon of gas your car uses, it also needs about 9,000 gallons of air. Since much of the air originates over the dusty, gritty roads on which we most often drive, there would be a potential for dust particles to be sucked into your engine if it weren’t for the engine air filter. 

 Today’s engine air filters, with their high-tech cloth or paper media, typically trap up to 98 percent of particulate matter down to 20 microns in size. (If you pluck a hair from your head and look at it, what you’re seeing is generally 50-70 microns in diameter!). 

 However, just like the air filter in your home furnace, the air filter in your car can eventually become clogged by all the dust it traps, cutting down the flow of air to your engine and robbing it of critical horsepower, thereby decreasing efficiency and fuel economy. It is recommended that the air filter be replaced annually or when clogged, whichever occurs sooner. 

 Einstein’s is happy to inspect your air filter FREE of charge anytime and offers replacements when needed. 


The above article was written by Kara Bishop and was published din the fall 2012 edition of Vehicle MD.