Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil: What's The Difference?

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  It’s a question frequently asked by our customers; what’s the difference between regular or “conventional” oil and synthetic oil? While there can be many highly technical explanations, the basic differences come down to two key issues: base oils and additive packages. 

Base oils: Standard or conventional oils are by-products of refined crude oil. Refining reduces the oil’s impurities, but its end product has molecules varying in size. This inconsistency in size can result in diminished flow when the oil moves through the engine. Synthetic oil molecules are manufactured and are thus uniform in both size and shape. This reduces friction in the engine allowing the oil to flow more smoothly resulting in superior performance and protection.  

Additive packages: Additives added to the base oil are what give the oil the characteristics necessary to perform its task.  Additives can impact a lubricant’s performance even more than the base oil. Synthetic oils are typically manufactured with a superior additive package compared to conventional oils and thus provide premium protection and performance.

Einstein’s Oilery carries a full line of both standard and synthetic oils so we are always able to provide the motor oil that best matches your driving habits, your budget, and your vehicle’s needs.

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