Tips For Preventing Auto Theft This Summer

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July and August are the top months of the year for auto thieves. Dramatically reduce the chances of your vehicle being targeted this summer by taking the following simple steps to protect yourself. 

 1.) Roll up the windows.  This simple precaution reduces the chance of theft by up to 20%.

2.) Lock it. Not surprisingly, about 50% of stolen vehicles were left with the doors unlocked.

3.) Keep the keys. Approximately 20% of stolen vehicles were left unattended with the keys inside.

4.) Park in well light areas. Over half of all thefts occur at night. 

5.) Park with wheels turned toward the curb. This makes your vehicle difficult to tow away. 

6.) If your vehicle is rear wheel drive back into your driveway. If your car is front wheel pull in front end first. This makes it harder to tow away your vehicle.

7.) Always use your emergency brake when parking. This makes your vehicle more difficult to tow away.  

8.) Never leave bank statements or other financial documents in the car. Leavings sensitive documents in your vehicle dramatically increases the risk of identity theft if car vehicle is stolen. 

9.) Never leave your vehicle’s title paperwork in the car. A thief can easily use this to sell your car.

10.) Hide valuables. Never leave pricey items in sight. This only makes your vehicle a more enticing target. 

11.) Park in attended lots. Thieves avoid witnesses and will more often target unattended parking areas.